Mehrzad has been living in hostels for the past eight months and although he has used substances for the majority of his adult life, he has started poly substance use quite recently.  Mez was brought up in and out of care due to his parents having lost the house through gambling debt.  Mez has been spending a lot of time on the slot machines in the 24 hour adult amusements on the high street.  He does not see the slot machines as gambling as it’s all electronic and his family lost their money on the horses.  He feels unsafe in the hotel where is staying so he sits all night playing the slots.  He has no idea how much money is won or lost until he gets back to his hostel.  It is becoming apparent that he is losing more than he can afford and he has started stealing off others in the hostel to fund his gambling.  He hasn’t told anyone where he spends his nights.  His friends and case worker assume he is spending his money on substances. 

  • What do you think the potential harms for Mehrzad are? 
  • How would you support Mehrzad to open up about his gambling?  
  • How would you support Mehzrad to acknowledge that he is experiencing harm from his gambling? 
  • What support services or resources, if any, would you suggest for Mehzrad?