"I’ve bought loads of wee stupid games and in-app purchase, stuff like that because the game seems more exciting. But thats not gambling, I wouldnae call that gambling because you’re buying extra things in your game to enhance your chances in your game or whatever or get you a better level.

But see when you think aboot it, that is kinda like gamblin cause you’re still playin a game and your still spending money on these wee packs to, like, get you further up the ladder in your game or whatever. So I actually think that is gamblin. I know your not betting against something but it is so similar to gamblin.

The games entice you to, like, get better at it or get whatever you're getting from that particular game. I’ve spent like 30, 40 pound just on stupid wee games in the past. Get me a few diamonds to get me to this level or whatever.

I used to play Fifa with my son quite a lot and we would pay for players - loot boxes, you know? We love football and the advertising is everywhere, in the scheme, in the newspaper, on the radio, when you’re watching the game."