Definition: Religion

The belief in and worship of a particular system of faith, power or powers, especially a God or gods.


Homelessness perspective

Scottish Government statistics do not currently capture a person’s religion or belief when they present to homeless services.  

Worldwide, there is a lack of research in relation to the link between homelessness and religious beliefs.  

Gambling perspective

Individuals from ethnic minority communities tend to have lower rates of participation in gambling activities. Despite their lower rates of participation, individuals who gamble from low-income ethnic minority households are 4.8x more likely to be at a higher risk of engaging in harmful gambling than their ethnic majority counterparts.

A recent report found that across all ethnicities engagement with gambling products is most often due to financial reasons. However, minority communities are also 3 times more likely to gamble as a coping mechanism than those from majority backgrounds. Furthermore, individuals who gamble and have experienced racial discrimination in the past are at a higher risk of harm.

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