Definition: Ethnicity

Ethnicity describes a shared history, culture or language. It does not denote where you were born necessarily.


Homelessness perspective95Homelessness Statistics – Characteristics of the homeless population

Ethnicity is not a determining factor of how someone becomes homeless but it can define their experience of homelessness.  

In Scotland black people are twice as likely to experience homelessness. Evidence shows that there is a lack of data on why this is but suggests that we could address this in the homeless sector through inclusion, representation in a work force or signposting to specific cultural services.96Ethnic Inequalities and Homelessness in the UK

Gambling perspective

Individuals from ethnic minority communities tend to have lower rates of participation in gambling activities. Despite their lower rates of participation, individuals who gamble from low-income ethnic minority households are 4.8x more likely to be at a higher risk of engaging in harmful gambling than their ethnic majority counterparts.97Moss (2023), Minority Communities & Gambling Harms: Quantitative Report

A recent report found that across all ethnicities engagement with gambling products is most often due to financial reasons. However, minority communities are also 3x more likely to gamble as a coping mechanism than those from majority backgrounds. Furthermore, individuals who gamble and have experienced racial discrimination in the past are at a higher risk of harm.98Moss (2023), Minority Communities & Gambling Harms: Quantitative Report