At the moment, we don’t know whether there are differences in the experience of gambling harm among people who are non-binary or transgender, or for people from the wider LGBTQIA+ community.

However, we do know that people who are non-binary or transgender are more likely to experience:90 ; 




Poor mental health


Low social support or isolation

These are risk factors for experiencing harm from your own gambling, gaming, or substance use.91 


People who are trans are more likely to experience a range of severe impacts on their health and wellbeing from risk-taking behaviours, which is thought in large part to be driven by people attempting to cope with minority stress and stigmatisation:

Simply being TGD [trans and gender diverse] by itself does not indicate an increased predisposition to addictive behaviour; however, living in a hurtful and traumatising world can, indeed, result in such behaviours.92 

If you or someone you know from the LGBTQAI+ community needs support, try contacting one of these organisations: LGBT Youth Scotland, LGBT Health and Welling, Scottish Trans Alliance or Pink Saltire.