Definition: Affected others

Affected others are people who experience harm as a result of the gambling of someone else. It is estimated that for each person experiencing harmful gambling, six other people close to them are affected.25Goodwin et al. (2017), A typical problem gambler affects six others.

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Surveys with family members of people experiencing harmful gambling indicate that the impact on affected others can be profound26Banks et al. for GambleAware (2018), Families living with problem gambling. .

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“I feel so exhausted that I don’t take proper care of myself, so any time I have as down time I just want to sleep, I just want to eat, and I pick up junk food and things like that to eat. I don’t feel like exercising or taking care of myself. Those are a real push for me to do. I know that if I do them I feel better but it’s that kind of cycle of it.”