In the year 2021/22 there were 35,230 homeless applications made to local authorities in Scotland, of these 28,882 households were assessed as being homeless or at risk of becoming homeless20Homelessness Statistics 2021-22. The main reason cited on homeless applications remains unchanged over the past ten years - asked to leave accommodation.

This reason shows that there are other people affected when someone experiences homelessness. Someone may be asked to leave accommodation for various and complex reasons – relationship breakdown, substance use, drinking dependency or being in rent or bill arrears.

In regards to analysing homelessness and gambling harm this is of significance as we do not know why the person has been asked to leave.

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Asking more in-depth, or even one more exploratory, question at this stage could uncover gambling harm and provide people with the relevant support quicker. Early signposting to money or debt management organisations, group or solo counselling or connection to people with lived experience of gambling harm could help support someone.