"I started drinking at 18, and I started gambling at about 21. I enjoyed drinking more because I got to meet a lot of people - specifically lassies. I used to meet a lotta lassies all the time. There's not really a community with gambling. It’s all old guys looking at horses. I go into the shop, grab a scratch card and walk away. Thats it. I’ll maybe say hi to the shop teller.

I would rather spend my money on drink, a bottle of wine or a few dragon soups, instead of scratch cards. When I was living in a rehabilitation centre I would spend more money on scratch cards, that's what I would do. In rehab there’s no alcohol allowed. No alcohol at all. And that's, that. End of story. Not even allowed a sip of beer. I would go to the shop to solely buy scratch cards to see if I could win. I got money every fortnight and I would spend it all on scratch cards. Just the money I had, I never went into debt. If I won I would spend it on new tracksuits, maybe hats - paintbrush hats.

I would go to the shop multiple times a day. About 3 or 4 times a day. I would buy scratch cards because I was trying to chase the win. I don't understand that I’m never gonnae get that win again, know what I mean? I won big on my birthday, but that’s never gonnae happen again and I keep on chasing it. Chasing and chasing it. Know what does my nut in? That I keep on buying them.

There's absolutely no life in it cause you're always chasing a win and that's it. That’s the only reason why I've lost so much money. The only bit. There’s no life in it. You gotta understand that. There’s no life in it. There’s no life at all. Just stop while you can. Don’t spend more. Don’t spend more than what you can afford."